Generative AI Summit - Mumbai Chapter
The Future of Creation will be unveiled on 30th May 2024 in Mumbai, India
About the Summit
The Generative AI Summit is back; this time, it's igniting innovation in Mumbai, India! We're more than just an event; we're a catalyst for progress, bringing together the brightest minds in Generative AI.

Join us on May 30th for the 2nd edition of the Generative AI Summit, where CXOs, innovators, and enthusiasts will:
  • Explore the immense potential of Generative AI
  • Engage in discussions that push the boundaries of this field
  • Collaborate and share knowledge to accelerate innovation
  • Be inspired by the latest advancements in Generative AI
The Generative AI Summit is your chance to gain the knowledge, connections, and inspiration you need to thrive in the ever-evolving world of Generative AI. Together, let's propel this transformative technology to new heights in India, and across the globe.
Distinguished Guests & Speakers
The best representatives of the industry shared their experience and projects
  • Rizwan Tufail
    Group Chief Data Officer, PureHealth
  • Neel Pandya
    Chief Executive Officer - EMEA & APAC at Pixis
  • Dr. Rama Moondra
    Dean - Adani Institute of Digital Technology Management
  • Bobbi Stattelman
    Chief Executive Officer, Falcon.AI
  • Mohammad Arshad
    Founder - Decoding Data Science
  • Kinjal Choudhary
    President - Cadila
A day full of concentrated experience and new knowledge
The summit will bring together participants from all over the world
Experts from different countries are invited to the Summit
Glimpses from the Summit
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